Welcome to the personal website of Joanna (Ioanna) Zagorianos

a Montreal based artist and designer with a strong background in illustration.


Versatile and dedicated, she has been involved in many visual projects since 2000.

First published in 2007, this personal website was initially created to promote Joanna’s insightful artistic talents.  It was also intentionally directed to platform her abilities to potential decision makers that may have been scouting for a skilled team member to join their ranks.  As well, a vehicle to showcase her artistic ability with regards to the fine arts and commissioned decorative wall art.


Progressively through the years, it has evolved into a retrospective publication of the projects that have been accomplished as a graphic designer, free-lance artist, illustrator, web content developer, and much more.  It remains to this day, an accurate attestation of Joanna’s versatile aptitude for creativity.

Both extremely versatile and dedicated, since the year 2000 Joanna has been involved in a wide variety of projects requiring in-depth knowledge of diverse expressive medias.  Possessing an inherent dedication to style and consistently remaining current with visual market trends, the range of her work presented in this site exemplifies her true passion for design and color – this is noticeably incorporated in all her work.  The desired balance and harmony sought by Joanna are truly second nature and clearly recognizable in her accomplished projects.

The ability to develop an end product that will be perfectly coherent with a customers desired message to a target market, Joanna is always willing to participate in exciting new projects that require her skill sets and expertise  - please feel free to contact Joanna directly at:


email: iinfo@concept-iz.com





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