Welcome to the personal website of Joanna (Ioanna) Zagorianos

a Montreal based artist and designer with a strong background in illustration.


Versatile and dedicated, she has been involved in many visual projects since 2000. Her delicate style and passion for colour is incorporated into anything she is asked to build. It is in her nature to seek balance and harmony with compositions.


First published in 2007, this site initially began for recruiters to prospect a potential team member and also showcase some paintings for sale.


 Since then, it has evolved into a retrospective of a career in graphic design but still challenges recruiters to think about the possibilities of hiring someone with artistic flare, experience and a different  perspective.


 She has worked in every aspect of product design, whether it is an interactive solution or a logo, Ioanna will work it out with much consideration for the aesthetics and people behind final product. Feel free to contact her here at info@joannazagorianos.com.




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